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Sara’s Gone Green

Hey friends! Man I’ve been missing writing. Last month was CRAZY (seriously where did January go?) and I’m finally recovering from 2017 entry into my life. So a little recap is due since it’s been awhile.

I’m doing project 7, a project for 7 months mirrored after Jen Hatmaker’s book, 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess. The purpose of her project was to challenge herself to focus on growth in the categories of media use, green habits, purging of material hoarding,  eating limited types of food, wearing only a small wardrobe of clothing, shopping at less places, and developing spiritual habits. Each of these categories is focused on for one month and generally emphasizes the word “7” so 7 different types of food, 7 articles of clothing, 7 habits added, etc. Myself and some other women across the country are doing our own version of her challenge to grow ourselves this year.

Last month was media and I failed pretty hard. I’m quite comfortable with my failing though because

  1. The book isn’t to be imitated to the letter, that’s legalism. I was using her book to challenge patterns and habits in my life.
  2. January had some curve balls at me and using media actually was often a way to celebrate community and let myself ask for help.
  3. The purpose of the media fast is to challenge my reasoning for media and to be using it for healthy reasons, not for the unhealthy reasons that so often drive me to my apps.

I’m overall really happy with how I was challenged in my media use and reevaluated what I want my use to be in the future. Some of the big things I realized are:

  1. I spend a lot of wasted time of the internet and social media. I have too many big goals to be on it as much as I am! I also can be using the time I am for “community” on Facebook to call and personally talk with some people that I am unable to otherwise due to lack of time.
  2. I like starting my mornings with no social media, it’s refreshing! I am still bad at this habit but I want to work at screen free mornings, I felt so good that way.
  3. I loved challenging why I am posting. Is it to validate myself? To show off? To brag? To be pitied? To get attention? If it’s one of those things I don’t want to post. If it’s to celebrate, to share, to educate, to enjoy, then yes! Post away! But I want to be sure that I don’t post in haste or with my heart in the wrong place.

Now we’re into February and it’s the green month. Not going to lie, it’s super tricky! And honestly the heart issue at the root of it all is convenience. We live in such a world that glorifies anything that makes our lives function faster, fuller, and at 120%. I think we are robbed not only emotionally but spiritually by how much we are doing, pursuing, and taking in. As I am working my way through this project I am seeing the theme of pausing and enjoying the time that things take. Yes some conveniences are not bad but so many are pushing me into overdrive.


My dryer broke today which is really helpful given that one of my goals was to do two loads of laundry by hang drying to save electricity. I will be doing a lot more than two as Matt and I are probably not buying a new dryer since our $50 score was once in a blue moon kinda deal. As I hung dry laundry I wasn’t actually bitter or stressed about the fake that my dryer is out of commission. It was relaxing. My husband and I hung everything and chatted while we worked. I remembered how many seasons of my life have been spent hang drying: mission trips, El Camino, study abroad in Greece, fish camp, etc. This little pause in my day is welcomed. And though laundry day is more intensive now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I welcome the stillness of hanging fresh laundry on the line and folding sun kissed clothes.

I’m making baby steps. It’s not easy to break habits but I’m looking at my heart and seeing big changes already. I am faithful to showing up to the daily and though I’ll mess up through it all (I keep buying plastic grocery bags… why do I do this to myself), I will start each day renewed and thinking through my motive and purpose of my life.

For February:

  • No Ziploc bags
  • Reusable, cloth bags for groceries only (struggling still)
  • Use leftovers better (we struggle so hard as a family of two)
  • Buy a plant that’s good for the air (little things)
  • Turn off lights more (hard for me, I am kinda a wimp with the dark)
  • Go to the local farmer’s market twice this month
  • Hang dry clothes! (Well, all of the clothes now lol)

Media Fast Update

Hey friends! As you know I’m on a media fast for the month of January. I thought I’d just share how I’ve been growing through this project so far! Preface: I should also start that my media fast hasn’t been incredibly strict. Today I allowed myself to go on social media. I have been struggling with feeling isolated and alone and it seemed a little silly to be cutting out a resource to help remind me that there are a lot of people that care about me. I also am allowing birthdays because I love celebrating people and life and I don’t think that’s a bad use of social media. Also, there have been situations where I have allowed Hulu/Netflix.

So! What has Sara been learning:

  1. I have so much more time in the morning now that I don’t sit in bed and scroll to “wake my eyes up” or whatever excuse I give. This time I have been able to consecrate to daily devotional. I use to be really disciplined and eager for this time but ironically, I lost my discipline at school (Bible school) but I am so thankful to have this time back.
  2. In general, I have less wasted minutes throughout my day. I came into this challenge feeling pretty good about my current phone manners but there are still times where I check my phone and it shapes my behavior more than I want. I keep my phone on nighttime mode a lot now and I like the freedom it gives me to not be dictated by my phone vibrating.
  3. My silent commutes to work with no radio have been a great time to actually face how I’m feeling instead of ignoring it and distracting myself with noise. I also have tried to pray during this time and it’s been so rewarding and I enjoy the silence instead of dread it. The same goes for no music at the gym, I am able to be motivated without my pump-up playlist and let my thoughts move beyond worries.
  4. Social media isn’t bad but I want to make sure my motives are good. I recognize moments I want to go scrolling and what sort of emotions are tied to it. Am I wanting to do something mindless to not deal with my own thoughts? Do I want to scroll to disconnect from the community I’m a part of now? Social media is such a great way of connecting and it’s been a blessing for me. But I also don’t want to but using it for the wrong reasons.

These are just some recent learning curves, I’m excited for the rest of the month!

This Year’s Big Project

I remember so clearly the first steps Matt and I took into this house that we call home. It was 115 outside and the air felt heavy and my island girl lungs were adjusting to the higher altitude and unbearable heat. My skin had already developed a shade of pink that hinted of the sunburns to come. We move in our suitcases and between us, the air mattress, and the three suitcases this was it. We didn’t mind a bit though because we were overjoyed to simply be in a place to call our home. Our wedding gifts were being mailed to us and we would eagerly add the generous gifts to our home as we started to set up. But overall, things were pretty simple. Two plates. No furniture. One suitcase worth of clothes. I had downsized significantly for the move simply because I had to. I had to binge clean at school because two suitcases were all I had to move everything to Alaska to then move to California. It was refreshing and foreign to finally be situated somewhere that would be longer than a few months.

I have lived fairly lightly since my backpacking endeavor but as I looked at my home I felt a switch flip and I desired to fill it. My intentions were not necessarily evil. I wanted our home to be a place of fellowship. I need couches, I need dishes, I need a guest bed, I need more pillows, I need, I need, I need. Quickly I noticed my mindset change from minimalist who lives out of a backpack to let’s set up our home! I was excited and a dreamer. This house was going to be so homey!

The only AC unit we had at the time was this old and slow unit in the dining room. It felt pretty cold if you were right up next to it but didn’t do much good otherwise. We slept in the dining room for a good two weeks and didn’t get a bed until about a month into our marriage. Still wouldn’t trade these moments for anything in the world though because I was sharing them with my best friend and husband.

Fortunately, I was able to back up a few steps before my life was control by materialism and consumerism. Matt and I were convicted about our desire to fill our life with stuff instead of Jesus. I realized the language of “I need this” concerned me as it never applied to my life spiritually but always was in a material context. Now I want to be careful to stress that there is nothing bad to setting up a home. I’m not writing to shame having a full dining set or boasting that Matt and I are holier for being a one-car family; the stuff itself means little. What I am concerned and convicted about is my heart attitude. Why do I fill my life with stuff? Often it’s pride, fear, or comfort. I’m not saying all purchases are evil but I am concerned that my heart, and many others, are filling our lives with things instead of Jesus.

While I was feeling this conviction I was simultaneously reading Radical by David Platt, Crazy Love by Francis Chan, and Seven: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker. All these authors are convicted by the same heart attitude and are making changes in their life to reflect a Jesus filled life instead of a stuff filled life. I don’t want to mindlessly be filling my discomfort, my fears, my anxieties, my insecurities, my boredom with stuff. I want to be filling it with caring for others, growing in Jesus, and looking beyond myself. To challenge myself, I am participating in the 7 challenge that Jen Hatmaker created in her book, Seven: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker. Essentially from January to July, I will be mirroring her project and focusing on eliminating clutter from these aspects of my life:

  1. January- Media
  2. February- Waste
  3. March- Possessions
  4. April- Food
  5. May- Clothes
  6. June- Spending
  7. July- Stress

Hatmaker stresses the number 7 in her project because

“Perhaps this is the philosophy behind the biblical fasts of three days, seen days, and forty days in the Word. Maybe we need more than one day to push through the inauguration onto the business of communion. After the shine wears off, the real spiritual work begins”.

And that “real spiritual work” is what I’m desiring in my life. I’m not alone in this pursuit and I have my own council of women from around the country that will be holding me accountable, growing with me, and challenging me as well and that is a blessing to have as I face the next seven months of growing pains. This month I am abstaining from 7 types of media.

  • Amazon: I spend an incredible about of money and time on Amazon. I hope that by cutting this out I will do my shopping around people more and not be so disconnected. I also hope to eliminate random purchases I make to just fill wants.
  • Facebook: This is by far the most time consuming part use of my media. I am still using Messenger to communicate with people but I am abstaining from Facebook itself which for me leads to a lot of hours of mindless scrolling or comparing myself in a way that isn’t healthy. I hope by February I can use Facebook in a way that drives community and fosters friendship better.
  • Instagram: Similar to Facebook, I spend a lot of time here. I am interested to see what sort of motivation I have to post of Instagram because I feel like this may be a pride issue as well that I hope to grow from this month.
  • Netflix/Hulu: Oh Lordy Lou. I spend a lot of time streaming. Though like everything else this isn’t necessarily bad in itself, I am hoping to develop healthier habits and to not default to “what do you want to watch”.
  • Texting: I am trying to limit my texting and focus on when I text. I don’t want to be on my phone when I’m with others. I don’t want to be governed by text messages. When possible I hope to video call or give phone calls. However, I am still maintaining normal texting with my out of area friends and family. After all, this project is in part about building relationship.
  • Radio: On long drives I am allowing listening to the radio but on my commute to work I am not going to listen to the radio. I hope to dedicate this time instead to prayer.
  • Spotify: I always, always, always plug in my earbuds at the gym and this month I will be device free. Instead I hope to either pray or allow my mind to be inspired and creatively think or talk with my gym buddy if I have one for that day.

There will be exceptions and days I mess up. A month is a good chunk of time and this isn’t intended to become something legalistic and cut-throat. My hope from the next seven months is to grow. I hope to reset my mind and with these seven unique fasts, I believe there is room for incredible growth and heart change. Friends, I’ll be keeping you posted and welcome to “an experimental mutiny against excess”.

Dressember is over… now what?

This year I had the honor of participating in the Dressember project again. I was able to be more disciplined than years past and had very few days where I forgot to where a dress. Each time I dreaded putting one on, instead of grumbling and caving into my desire to wear jeans, I remembered this slight discomfort is my means of standing in solidarity with those exploited by sex trafficking and it’s bigger than my comfort or desire for pants. I wrote a piece for Sincerely, Kindred about my thoughts on Dressember but the question remains… what now?

” …I’m not wearing a dress every day for the month of December for vanity’s sake; I’m more of a leggings and dry shampoo sort of girl. I’m also not the only one doing Dressember, thank goodness for that or I’d be that crazy dress in December girl by myself. Allow me to introduce you to the Dressember project, and in effect introduce you to big part of my heart.

The Dressember website states their mission as:

“Dressember uses fashion to advocate for women who’ve been exploited. As women take on the creative challenge of wearing a dress for the 31 days of December, they are advocating for the inherent dignity of all women.”

Women rally together in the month of Dressember by raising awareness through their fashion choice. While committing to wearing a dress every day for 31 days fundraising occurs and supports organizations like International Justice Mission, A21 and the like. The funds raised go to combat human trafficking with a specific emphasis on sex trafficking.

And it starts with waking up and putting on a dress.

About four years ago I prayed desperately in a fight against apathy and despondence: “God break my heart by what breaks yours”. Isn’t it beautiful to serve a God who hears? I was aware of sex trafficking but after I uttered this prayer God gave me a fervent passion for this field. Since then, I have dedicated to studying to work in this field and to be a part of the movement against sex trafficking. I recognize I may sound idealistic, too dreamy, and naïve when I speak about this topic. And I recognize that in my life I will not see the end of sex trafficking. But I will continue to wake up every day like I could. And the greatest thing I have realized in my preparation is even if it was just one person victimized this way, we should be doing everything and anything to restore their dignity and free them from the bondage of sex trafficking.

Dressember picks up on the same note. Even if it’s just wearing one dress a day for a month, that matters. Because it’s becoming a voice for the voiceless. It’s becoming an advocate in the midst of whatever your job, your life, your existence is. It’s taking the symbol of women and declaring that this is beautiful, this is dignified, this is worth it.

So I put a dress on today. By putting on this dress I embodied Proverbs 31:25, “She is clothed with strength and dignity” because she is, even though her voice has been stripped of her and her dignity held captive.  I invite you to join in being a voice of justice. We’re a little over a third of the way through but it’s not to late to dress for advocacy. It’s not too late to make a contribution to Dressember in lieu of a red cup holiday beverage from Starbucks. I invite you to be a voice of justice through the means of fashion, because it’s more than just a dress.


Sara Kernan”

See Sincerely, Kindred’s work

This field is my passion and chosen study but for many, there is a frustration that comes with projects such as this: what are we suppose to do now? You have just had your heart broken by the realities of these atrocities but you may feel helpless and useless in the field. The heartbreak from this tragedy is very real and should be sobering, but we have hope in Christ. I have compiled a list of some ways to continue the ministry and work against sex trafficking beyond the month of Dressember.


  1. Pray

The power of prayer is to not be undermined in this circumstance. Pray for radical rescue missions that point to God’s glory. Pray for girl’s to feel God’s peace in the midst of bondage. Pray that the identity of God as “Father” can be redeemed by those that have no example of a loving father in their life. Pray that you don’t get numbed by this reality and will consistently have a passion for this field. Pray that those that exploit will be convicted and that they’ll come to know God too (yes we must pray for those that cause pain, they are are pain too and victims of a fallen world). Pray for justice.  Pray for how God is moving in your life to be a vessel of justice. We must surrender this in prayer, in lament, praise, exhortation, and pleas.

2. Donate

I know, also cliche. But did you see how Dressember was a vessel of justice this month? They raised $1.3 MILLION. The work that they will be able to do is incredible. Rescue missions, aftercare, awareness, etc. That million wasn’t raised by a single donation. That’s the composition of donations, small and large. If you can’t personally go into ministry this way, then SEND.

3. Share

William Wilberforce is one of biggest heroes. He worked to end slavery in Britain and he is quoted to have said: “You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know”. Wow. I love that so much. How quickly we look away so our hearts don’t hurt as much and we can continue in the comfort of our innocence. But now you know! Our responsibility as global citizens is to educate others, educate ourselves, and to raise children and communities where the youth is nurtured, cared for, and aware. Awareness won’t eradicate sex trafficking but neither will rescue. We must work hand in hand to combat sex trafficking.

4. Be vessels of justice

Be asking yourself what need is presented in your immediate community. Be mobilizing justice in your own circle. If you see suspicious activity? Report it. Those reports lead to busts more frequently than people know. Do you see vulnerable demographics in your town (foster kids, low income, etc)? Reach out to them, and don’t let vulnerable circumstances win again. Be a bearer of justice in the small ways, they add up.

5. Don’t normalize stigmas

One of my biggest pet peeves is how casually teenagers throw around the phrases “Ho, whore, pimp” and the like. Or to joke about those who are prostitutes. Recognize that prostitution isn’t a profession and to joke about resorting to that if you fail a class isn’t funny. If we continue to make light of this issue the issue will dim in it’s severity. Don’t be a part of the problem in this regard and speak up if your friends or company are.

6. Don’t feed the problem

So many purchases made exploit and people are not aware of the harm their dollar has. Labor trafficking goes hand in hand with sex trafficking and we are not allow to cherry pick which sort of exploitation we care about. Look at your coffee, your chocolate, your clothes. So many big names exploit and keep people in poverty. You can actually calculate your slavery imprint here. I’m not perfect at this (I fail in many ways) but let’s start to change that. Shop fair trade, buy local, and cut out the purchases that you know exploit. Another big industry that feeds the problem is more overt and is pornography. Pornography is not only detrimental in interpersonal and emotional ways, but also exploits the women that are victimized by the porn industry. Sure, it looks a little more glamorous but the exploitation remains the same. Check out Fight the New Drug for more information.

Dressember is a start. I hope that after this month your heart is more broken and bent towards this cause that you will be open to how you can be a part of the solution. This list is not exhaustive but there are ways in the daily that we can be actively combating sex trafficking. Friends, let our hearts be broken by what breaks God’s today.


Here we go again…365 round 2

The year 2014 was big for me. It marked a year studded with transition and change, adventure and misadventure, and I relish in the memories made that year. That year I finished my term in Key Club, I graduated high school, I hiked across a country, I went commercial fishing for a hitch, I moved to Chicago, I had a fun job I finished my first semester of college… It was a big one for a small town girl.

I took a much needed sabbatical from photography after that season. I loved capturing that season of transition but it also was exhausting. It grew my perspective, my photography skills, and my discipline. It was so satisfying to look back at a year of hard work.

This year is huge too. Welcome to 2016! It’s June and the welcome is overdue but this year we are counting a little differently than traditional. I am doing another 365 that started June 4th, 2016. I want to capture the moments of this brand new season of marriage that I would otherwise forget or neglect to notice if I didn’t have the third eye of my camera guiding me. My favorite thing about my previous 365 project is I have a living document showcasing that year. I can remember what I felt most days and my photography often reflects how I felt. I don’t want to miss this. Mind you I will do my best to avoid a million pictures of Matt, and foodies (though they are included, no worries). This is a more relaxed version of my previous project. I am not as crazy about rules and I am using my DSLR, my GoPro, and iPhone to capture these moments. Not all of them are National Geographic quality. Sometimes it’s about the moment, not the moment captured. There is some deep quote about that in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, look it up. ANYWAYS…Enjoy this adventure. I’m loving it myself and I am honored to share it with you dear reader.

Day 1: Moved into our new home. Matt’s dramatically showcasing our funky fans we have adorning the house. He is a very patient model.

Day 2: Sasha and Chad asked me to take some pictures of them. They hate us and moved away this month.

Day 3: Goodnight desert, this is starry sky photo from our sandy backyard.

Day 4: Man of the house, I make him pose everywhere for me. He hates how his hair is kinda funky this day but that smirk gets me every time.

Day 5: I love how there is beauty in the desert still.

Day 6: I was having a bad day so Matt took me to one of my favorite places, Joshua Tree. Shortly after this picture he got stuck on a rock ledge and proceeded to meow like a cat realizing he was trapped.

Day 7: Speaking of cats, cat-sitting.

Day 8: We went on some off road vehicles with friends from church and saw the largest boulder west of the Mississippi (which checks out, it’s a real thing). Had a blast with friends from church having a going away BBQ for friends moving.

Day 9: Our dining room, furniture courtesy of generous members of our church.

Day 10: We got a $50 washer and a $50 dryer that don’t match but work fine and I love it. Tilt-shift photography.

Day 11: Trying to beat the heat and these fans are my biggest fans as of late.

Day 12: We finally got propane! So we celebrated with stir-fry. Duh.

Day 13: Our bedroom to be. If it wasn’t so dang hot. Oh and a bed, we kinda need a bed.

Day 14: I’m obsessed with any cloud cover we get, no matter how small or rare.

Day 15: Slept on the floor at Matt’s aunt’s in Temecula. Can’t complain, the company of family is always a blessing.

Day 16: I’m still ridiculously pale and still get butterflies when he holds my hand.

Day 17: 3 boxes of belongings today! Love the mug collection we have growing. Tilt-shift also.

Day 18: Matt working on figuring out how to install our new AC unit for our room. Our family blesses us in so many ways. His sunburn is really bad.

Day 19: Acclimating bit by bit, I could walk outside today without feeling like I was dying? Progress is progress.

The First Year Project

From January 1st 2014 until January 1st 2015 I took on a 365 challenge. It’s the ultimate photographer’s challenge and I wanted to take it on. It grew me more than just a photographer. It grew me in perspective, in the view finder of my life (that’s cheesy and may be on a T-shirt somewhere but it’s accurate). It was a challenging time but I think projects are important to remind ourselves we can do hard things. My passion for photography has continued to grow and since my first day of photography class and I have big dreams like using my own photography skills to document missions and what’s going on in the world by documenting life. This project concluded with Nels Ure and I co-hosting Artist of the month at Fly By coffee shop in Kodiak and our pictures from the year project hung in the coffee shop for a month.

It was fantastic.

However, herculean feats like that take a lot out of you so I took a “sabbatical” of a sorts from photography though I did attempt to do a second consecutive year until February of 2015. I documented my time in Thailand as a photojournalist, dabbled in portraits over the summer, documented my semester abroad, and documented the refugee crisis in Greece as a photojournalist as well; but other than that I have been pretty laid back.

But I am back and my project idea came to me shortly after getting engaged. I am going to do another 365 starting my wedding day and ending on our one year anniversary. This won’t be grossly PDA pictures, snapshots of my “wifey status meals” (Ew, that was hard to type out), a million portraits of Matt, or a photo walk through the details of our home.

No. The aim of this project is to document this huge year of transition. Moving somewhere vastly different, living a life vastly different, making new traditions, misadventures, adventures, joys, trials: everything. This is a beautiful season and I want to share it’s story in a way that words will fail me and simply cannot do justice. Portraits of new friends, landscapes of our new town, lifestyle portraits of Top Ramen meals and no furniture, driving beyond our small town minds have dreamed of, camping in new places, visits from friends and family: this series will be a unique perspective that I cannot vocally articulate.

Additionally, I will be have Matt take a photo once a week, every Sunday. I want to share my passion for photography with the one I love and though he has patiently and enthusiastically driven me far and wide for photography purposes it is time for him to learn the art himself. I am excited to see his perspective and grow together in this. To achieve this after teaching Matt the fundamentals, I will give him Enrique (my dear camera) and he will shoot throughout the day. By the evening we will go through and pick which one makes it into the set.

I have a fresh toolbox of a fixed fifty, a fantastic laptop, a new tripod, and Photoshop. I am excited to grow in my tools. My last 365 was largely with just the kit lens and “creative” measures for tripods.

Cheers to the new adventure, welcome to the First Year Project, coming to you soon!

The Write Way Project

Once upon a time I hiked across Spain with my mom. I can easily be taken back there whenever I come across the rush of hiking, the symphony of languages, the taste of a Magnum ice-cream bar and further more when I write. When I write I am brought back to processing through my trek in the evening at a cafe down in the town square. I am brought back to my love of writing in school, to the point of annoyance, where timed writing was…dare I say…fun?

I started a blog after that summer with aspirations to be diligent at it. In part due to the blog format not being what I wanted and also in part to my insecurities, I put my blog on the shelf with other dusty relics of goals. I like to think I make goals, but too often I find my insecurities placing goals on the shelf due to comparing, feelings of inadequacies and perhaps fear.

But I am not made with a spirit of fear.

My insecurities are not me.

And perhaps simple things, like blog writing, are reminders to myself of those truths.

So we’re back at the beginning. I’m not sure where this will go and I’d rather not limit it. Perhaps it will be funny, helpful or successful but ultimately I’m going for honesty. I hope this to an open look at life and a celebration at the comedic relief that comes along the way. I’m kinda a hot mess, I hope that the expense of growing pains, learning curves, adventures and misadventures alike can bring joy and insight to whoever is reading.

My friends Kelly and Brooke got me excited again to write. My mom has always encouraged me and I have always gravitated towards it. The moment that sticks out and I hope to be a reminder as I stick to blogging is 5th grade.

Do I hear….story time?

With garbage bag ponchos rustling in the wind, I laughed in disbelief and ridicule that we are being asked to listen for birds. As a wise fifth grader, Outdoors School was the epitome of existence, the whole year lead up to it. Now, off on the mystical island of Camp Woody we were finally here, the end of the year and the most coveted adventure out of all of the grades. The weather could not damp our spirits but was soaking our beings. The most torrential rain Kodiak has even unleashed fell like grace on the community of fifth graders.

Downpour. Hurricanes seemed to pale in comparison to the wind and dumping of water we were getting. Boots served as portable oceans and garbage bags made for extra rain coverage. The plastic loudly being tossed by the wind, the bird watching guide was determined that we could hear and spot some birds.

“Or maybe the birds are smarter than us and are snuggled up in dry places…” I grumbled at the comical attempt to engage soaked fifth graders.

From birdwatching we went to walk around in the history lesson of Woody Island. This was the home stretch and then boots off, blankets on was the plan for all of us, visibly shivering in the downpour.

As we walked it was difficult to focus. The history was fascinating however and we perched up as we felt the rain relent a bit. As our guide talked animatedly she explained

“So much of this history has been collected thanks to journals of women. It would seem that perhaps history should be called herstory.”

Feeling my journal pressed against my back nestled in the dry inside of my backpack I felt a sense of purpose. That writing was beyond myself, could writing make a difference?

Herstory is a great motivator for picking up the blogging front again. I am not claiming that this humble blog or my writing in general will be successful or life changing. But I know I’m a writer.

Cheers to herstory.

And it begins again.