I aspire to be defined as an adventurer. Though if I’m honest my anxiety sometimes tries to hijack that. My fear and insecurities attempt to ensnare me. Somedays they succeed. But I am reminded that I am made not of a spirit of fear. I am brave, I can do hard things. These truths are constantly in combat against the voices of lies that yell at me.

Travel and home(s), moments and in between moments, valleys and mountains, highs and lows: I am not only a reporter of existing in the waiting place but also a testimony of adventures. Here you can find my reflections and what I am learning.

From my travels I have been shaped in person by each country these feet have tread. From places I identify as home I have been molded by community, individuals, and experiences. From highs and lows I have learned and grown greatly and this is a place that hopefully these experiences will reach others to. Cheers to you adventurer, the waiting place can be brutal for adventurers like ourselves.

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