When you marry a man who works hard

Baby can you pick me up?

Can you say please? 🙂 

Baby I have to go do more training tomorrow.

Oh… I’ll be right there.

Last week I was looking forward to having my husband home when reality reminds me that I married a man who works hard, a Marine at that. The drive home was filled with tangible exhaustion. The hours weigh on this man I love and the fluctuating dates and times kill any ability to plan in our lives.

You see, I married a man who works hard.


So sometimes, “I love you” looks like grease stained hands, blood blisters, and callouses. I am reminded of this profession of love every time I find his hand wrapped in mine and I trace these scars and tiny moments of discomfort and pain that my husband’s work day included.

Sometimes “I love you” looks like preparing to watch a movie together for a night in and my love falls asleep with his head on my shoulder. Fatigue clings to him and I carefully slide out from under him so I can grab a blanket for him; I cherish these moments he’s able to sleep.

Sometimes “I love you” looks like grabbing Hot and Ready pizzas from Little Caesar’s because you’re both too tired to figure out dinner after work.

Sometimes “I love you” looks like quiet pre-sunrise drives to work as we try not to grumble over being a one car family with two job lives.

Sometimes “I love you” looks like paid bills, dancing in the kitchen, and movie nights on the laptop.

Photo Credit: Jessica Bills Photography

As work hours fluctuate, duty calls, and life keeps coming at us, I’m learning more of a deeper and more profound love as I grow with Matt. This love grows deeper daily, through thick and thin, as I continue to learn and love my husband. This love endures beyond financial security, comfort, schedules, and trials, this love embodies the promises made May 28th that point to the commitment of forever.

Today is Valentine’s day and it looks like a normal day for Matt and I. I dropped him off at work, I went to work, I’m around the house working on the daily and random, and I have reporting tonight. There’s something beautiful about the ordinary because I know that at the end of today, and every day for always, there’s my man what works so hard and impresses me in the daily at the end of it all.  Happy Valentine’s day, to the man that makes me feel like the luckiest woman alive in both the mundane and monumental.

Photo Credit… you guessed it. Jessica Bills Photography

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