Sara’s Gone Green

Hey friends! Man I’ve been missing writing. Last month was CRAZY (seriously where did January go?) and I’m finally recovering from 2017 entry into my life. So a little recap is due since it’s been awhile.

I’m doing project 7, a project for 7 months mirrored after Jen Hatmaker’s book, 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess. The purpose of her project was to challenge herself to focus on growth in the categories of media use, green habits, purging of material hoarding,  eating limited types of food, wearing only a small wardrobe of clothing, shopping at less places, and developing spiritual habits. Each of these categories is focused on for one month and generally emphasizes the word “7” so 7 different types of food, 7 articles of clothing, 7 habits added, etc. Myself and some other women across the country are doing our own version of her challenge to grow ourselves this year.

Last month was media and I failed pretty hard. I’m quite comfortable with my failing though because

  1. The book isn’t to be imitated to the letter, that’s legalism. I was using her book to challenge patterns and habits in my life.
  2. January had some curve balls at me and using media actually was often a way to celebrate community and let myself ask for help.
  3. The purpose of the media fast is to challenge my reasoning for media and to be using it for healthy reasons, not for the unhealthy reasons that so often drive me to my apps.

I’m overall really happy with how I was challenged in my media use and reevaluated what I want my use to be in the future. Some of the big things I realized are:

  1. I spend a lot of wasted time of the internet and social media. I have too many big goals to be on it as much as I am! I also can be using the time I am for “community” on Facebook to call and personally talk with some people that I am unable to otherwise due to lack of time.
  2. I like starting my mornings with no social media, it’s refreshing! I am still bad at this habit but I want to work at screen free mornings, I felt so good that way.
  3. I loved challenging why I am posting. Is it to validate myself? To show off? To brag? To be pitied? To get attention? If it’s one of those things I don’t want to post. If it’s to celebrate, to share, to educate, to enjoy, then yes! Post away! But I want to be sure that I don’t post in haste or with my heart in the wrong place.

Now we’re into February and it’s the green month. Not going to lie, it’s super tricky! And honestly the heart issue at the root of it all is convenience. We live in such a world that glorifies anything that makes our lives function faster, fuller, and at 120%. I think we are robbed not only emotionally but spiritually by how much we are doing, pursuing, and taking in. As I am working my way through this project I am seeing the theme of pausing and enjoying the time that things take. Yes some conveniences are not bad but so many are pushing me into overdrive.


My dryer broke today which is really helpful given that one of my goals was to do two loads of laundry by hang drying to save electricity. I will be doing a lot more than two as Matt and I are probably not buying a new dryer since our $50 score was once in a blue moon kinda deal. As I hung dry laundry I wasn’t actually bitter or stressed about the fake that my dryer is out of commission. It was relaxing. My husband and I hung everything and chatted while we worked. I remembered how many seasons of my life have been spent hang drying: mission trips, El Camino, study abroad in Greece, fish camp, etc. This little pause in my day is welcomed. And though laundry day is more intensive now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I welcome the stillness of hanging fresh laundry on the line and folding sun kissed clothes.

I’m making baby steps. It’s not easy to break habits but I’m looking at my heart and seeing big changes already. I am faithful to showing up to the daily and though I’ll mess up through it all (I keep buying plastic grocery bags… why do I do this to myself), I will start each day renewed and thinking through my motive and purpose of my life.

For February:

  • No Ziploc bags
  • Reusable, cloth bags for groceries only (struggling still)
  • Use leftovers better (we struggle so hard as a family of two)
  • Buy a plant that’s good for the air (little things)
  • Turn off lights more (hard for me, I am kinda a wimp with the dark)
  • Go to the local farmer’s market twice this month
  • Hang dry clothes! (Well, all of the clothes now lol)

One thought on “Sara’s Gone Green

  1. Start every day reading your Bible, pray and contemplate what you have read. If you have two much for dinner, freeze what you have left for busy nights. Love you Granma K


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