What I learned from Gilmore Girls

I find myself behind the trend quite a bit. Two summers ago I finally read the Harry Potter series. It was what I imagine would happen to someone if they had never had chocolate in their whole life and someone was like “wait, you’ve never had chocolate? Here, you can have this chocolate bar” but it wasn’t just A CHOCOLATE BAR. It was Godiva. With caramel goodness in the center. And THAT was their first experience with chocolate. And their world was never the same, the end (Ooh, I should write a book. That story about moved me to tears). The same is with The Chronicles of Narnia, that was my project this spring because I needed something beautiful (that was like a Cadbury egg, so good and you want to enjoy it slowly because it’s rich and beautiful). Then I watched New Girl with Matt on Netflix and that was like the cinnamon dusted almonds that Dove Chocolate Discoveries carries, and I always says I’ll have “just one more” but oops, a whole box (or season) later and I’m left with no regrets. I’m currently reading Anne of Green Gables on my kindle which is like a highlighted mess because Anne is so quotable and I keep wondering where this has been all my life. This is like… See’s candies. Classic, and a forever favorite. And of course, I had to catch up on Gilmore Girls. Actually, Emily made me. She tasked me with the assignment with a deadline since the new episodes are now out. So I got to my homework!  My heart has been full of rage, confusion, joy, laughter, and a lot of caps lock was used in discussing my emotions. I finished the season and I am going to watch the new episodes with my girls in Chicago. So, jumping on the Gilmore Girl wagon… these are the timeless and great reminders that I needed.

  1. Always coffee

If anything, Gilmore Girls reminded me that coffee is a totally acceptable and vital commitment. My mom instilled this in me when I was young, but Rory and Lorelai Gilmore take coffee consumption to a whole new level. We need heroes like this in our media.

  1. Moms are the best

I mean I already knew this. But seeing Rory and Lorelai made my miss my momma something extra. Rory made me feel less self conscious about how I am constantly calling home.

  1. Sookie and Lane are the best examples of best friends ever

I can only hope that I can measure up to Sookie and Lane in the friend department. This alone in the last episode was enough to make me feel the tears coming. The friendship these women have for Lorelai and Rory is so sweet and such a beautiful picture of the power of deep friendship.

  1. Conflict happens

One of the best (& worst) things about Gilmore Girls is they go through a bunch of rough stuff. I’m talking family drama, boy drama, life drama… it’s got it all. Sometimes I was a little annoyed because the whole “my grandparents are crazy wealthy and my dad comes across a large sum of money so I can go to whatever college I want” is a little unrealistic and difficult for me to relate to. Like seriously Rory? You need to “find yourself” and quit a competitive school and live in your grandparent’s pool house because someone hurt your feelings? Good night. But, if I’m being real, this is real life! I would quit and move to my grandparent’s pool house if I had the option. Gilmore Girls deals with real issues. There is heartbreak and healing, devastation and growth, and goodbyes and hellos.

  1. Boys are the worst

Oh goodness. There were so, so, many choice words that went through my mind as boys came through the series and made SUCH A MESS OF THINGS. Dean…. Just stop. Jess… grow up. Chris… stop just stop. Logan… WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? So many emotions. But see lesson number 3… love is messy and heartache happens. Thank you Gilmore Girls for not having that part of your life together because you would be literally so perfect and flawless otherwise if that came easy.

  1. Life is messy

Sometimes things don’t work out. And you have to get back up and deal with it. Or sometimes you accidentally get pregnant AGAIN (or pregnant with twins). Or sometimes there are rotting Easter eggs all over your town stinking up the place. Or sometimes your ex shows up randomly after not hearing from them and you’re like “say whaaaat?’. Or sometimes you get an awesome job and have to pick up and move right away, I don’t know, maybe?

  1. There is always room for dessert

I love how Rory and Lorelai EAT. Like, can I get an “Amen” on that? I was reminded that there is ALWAYS room for dessert and life is too short to go without. And Christmas needed peppermint cocoa in it.

  1. Pro-con lists are life

This is one of my favorite things about Rory because it makes me feel like my giant sticky notes aren’t as freakish.

  1. Never feel guilty for spending money on things that make you better: coffee and books

This is a reminder my mom has taught me but it is reinforced by Rory and Lorelai. My goal for my LIFE is to find that list of all the books Rory mentions throughout the series and to read them all. And while I’m doing it down a ridiculous amount of coffee.

  1. Sometimes you lose

Wow. That threw me for a loop. Rory has been given a lot of really cool opportunities. It almost seems too good to be true some episodes (must be nice to go to an Ivy League school… wow you’re just like Mary Poppins aren’t you… etc, etc) but at the end of the day sometimes crap hits the fan and that is the same for Rory Gilmore. Rory followed the same principle I have grown up with: “cry in your cocoa” but then it’s time to pick yourself up after and keep going. I am so inspired by her hard work and how she keeps picking herself up. I’m so glad she’s rewarded for that in the long run. All the feels. All the feels.

  1. Stars Hollow is really just Kodiak

Oh. My. Goodness. So much of this series took me back to Kodiak. It felt so similar. I love small town vibes where everybody knows everybody. There’s the Kirk that does everything, the Babette that says wildly inappropriate things, the Luke that will always get your coffee right, and the enthusiastic town leader that is very involved. It made me miss home and my community there. Gotta love small towns.

  1. Moving is hard

The last episode… woof. Rory’s goodbye brought me back to May 28th. I remember after the fanfare of the wedding, and the exciting and beautiful blur that it was, I broke down crying in the car on the way to the airport. Matt looked at me like I had snapped (poor thing, he had only been a husband for a mere couple of hours) and I told him “No, I’m not crying because I’m sad, I’m crying because I’ve never been this happy and I love all those people so much.” It was a bit of a flashback to when my mom started crying at Disneyland saying “I just want everyone to know I’m really happy right now”. But it’s that bittersweet beauty! I wasn’t crying because I was married… that was the best day ever. But I do love Kodiak and I love all those people that we left in Kodiak as we took a plane to our new home. These are the growing pains that face us and the growing pains that we love and hate. But at the end of the day we are a thousand times better because of it. ❤

Happy Gilmore Girl watching! May your coffee cup be overflowing and your expectations met. AND NO SPOILERS.


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