Finding Fall, Weekend Wanderings

It’s been awhile! Finally got back to the habit of Weekend Wanderings. Matt was in the field earlier this month and I used that time to catch up on school work and deal with the house since it decided to fall apart during that time.

I have never been to a pumpkin patch. This is devastating since I have a reputation of throwing myself whole heartedly into holidays and fall is one of my favorite, favorite seasons. To remedy this, Matt took me to my first ever pumpkin patch and we did all the fall things that you need to do in one day!


Things to know about celebrating fall in California:

  1. It’s not going to feel like fall.
  2. It’s okay to dress to pretend it’s fall but it’s still going to be fall and it’s still going to be hot.
  3. In California there is an obsession with lines and fall festivities are no different.

Things to know about celebrating fall with the Kernan family:

  1. Corn mazes are slightly terrifying when you have that moment where you wonder if you really will never will find your way out and maybe you’re destined to die in that corn field and then you wonder how many people have actually died from that and wonder if you could sell this idea to “Bones” for a new episode concept.
  2. Kettle corn + Matt = Happy Matt for the rest of the day.
  3. When the incentive for a pet goldfish is involved, my aim when attempting to get a ping-pong ball into a jar of water is exceptional (I present to you, Colonel McFinn my new goldfish).
  4. Matt is highly motivated with the incentive to win a foam pirate sword.
  5. When you attend things like this you have that weird coming of age moment when you realize why your parents didn’t want to take you all to things like the State Fair because you’ll spend a million dollars and kids will want you to buy everything.
  6. Is a Pumpkin patch without pumpkin pie like a Crab festival with no crab?

It was a good day. Saturday’s are best spent with those you love most and laughing until your laughing muscles ache. Time with Matt is always a guarantee for that. Cheers to new traditions! What should we add to our list for next year? What are your fall favorites?

Happy Weekend Wanderings. I’m thankful that every week has a weekend, can I hear an amen?


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