When You’re Miserably Lost but the Company is on Point

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Lesson number one from this holiday is one cannot just “book a tent site” on such a major holiday week. And I looked in a good 100 mile radius or more. After that devastating reality, our good friends came to save the day and we cooked up an adventure (with much deliberation and scheduling) that would knock our socks off. Our Weekend Wanderings took us to Idyllwild, California!

He’s pretty serious when he drives and when he’s listening to Carrie Underwood. 

It was gorgeous. The drive, the trees! So many happy things in one day. We had walkie talkies to communicate with Destynne and Jacob in the other car and that lead Matt and I wonder… why do we even have cell phones? This is all I need! That and a new call sign. I was dubbed “Ghost” in reference to my never-seen-the-sun-before-skin. Post hike should probably be “Tomato” because I’m a little toasted.

A basic photographer selfie. 

The drive was the dose of home Matt and I needed. The winding road felt like the drive out the end of the road in Kodiak. Only major difference was on the left side there was no ocean. Just desert. And In-and-Out. And Joshua Trees.

This view driving out doesn’t get old. 

We figured out our plan after getting our permit (because that’s a thing in America) we made our game plan. 5 miles up, 10 miles round trip, we’ll reach the peak of one of those beautiful mountains and call it a day!

A romantic moment captured of Jacob doing nothing as his wife hangs on the edge for her life. 

Plans don’t always go as they are planned. We got lost somewhere at the start and got in a work out wandering up a mountain. I’m so thankful we made it to this “semi peak” otherwise I think Jacob would have shunned us forever. There was a part where my lungs felt like they were going to burst. And my legs were on fire. Or my lungs were on fire and my legs were going to burst. Either way, I was the weakest link by far.

God really out did Himself here. Look at that view! Almost forgot how I almost died getting up there. Except the constant reminder ever time I breathed in and it felt like my lungs were crumpled up brown bags. 

We started our climb down from our wanderings and my renewed energy made me a new person. I suddenly remembered the promise of apple pie at the bottom and gravity had no bounds against me. I felt as though I could fly. In mid-sprint/ mid-flight down, I could feel the energy of the pie in a very real way. In that moment I knew: this moment will become some sort of life lesson that I’ll tell my children in the future. Not sure what the moral is, it’s either “eat dessert first” or “don’t hike with two Marines and red head”. It’s still in the works.

It was a good weekend. Even the part where I couldn’t really move the next day because I’m terribly out of shape. Even the part where my lungs were wheezing. All the parts, and all the things. And in the words of Parks and Rec’s Leslie Knope:

“Sometimes you have to make the hardest climb to see the most beautiful sunrise. I read that once on an old lady’s decorative pillow. But it is really how I feel today. I’ve climbed a very weird and rocky mountain, and it was a pain in the ass, and my legs are tired, and I’m starving, but the sun is rising over a sea of love and waffles and possibility. So I’m just gonna relax and take a deep breath and enjoy this view for as long as I possibly can.” -Leslie Knope, Parks and Rec, Season 6

Shout out to Paradise Valley Cafe for ensuring I was motivated enough to actually move again after I got up there. 

Happy wanderings everyone! Where did your weekend take you?


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