Friends, Sand and Beating the Heat

Welcome to my first post in Weekend Wanderings! Matt and I have a goal to keep the weekend as our time for adventure. I also love the accountability for photography and to be held accountable for it. This weekend, my dear friends Alexis and Seth from Chicago came to visit. It was such a blessing to have familiar faces from Chicago in my home! Our adventure this weekend took us through Joshua Tree and to Laguna Beach. Laguna was stunning and the company was perfection. Cheers to the weekend!

I know… iced coffee… It’s hot ok.


Here if you’re going to Palm Springs people say “Oh you’re going down the hill?” Yes. Down a hill. An hour long hill.
I love flying over the wind turbines here.



Joshua Tree National Park is one of my favorite places.


for everyone’s entertainment, Matt will have a featured photo with my Canon Rebel T3 every week. His comment: “I am pretty much an artist. A born artist. See? I didn’t even have to try.” *licks the cheddar dust off his fingers from smart popcorn*


Island girl missed the ocean. ❤
❤ ❤ ❤



Stay tuned for next week’s Weekend Wanderings! What did you do this weekend?


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