365 Update

365 going strong! It’s crazy to me that today is July Eve. Time flies! This has been my perspective of how the last week of June has been like. Enjoy!

Day 20: Dusty roads and semper fi.

Day 21: It’s just a humble couch but today my two friends of mine gathered here with me and we got our life on track for starting new programs! Pretty excited. About friends and about education opportunities.

Day 22: He is patient with me when I demand that he model for me. Sue me for loving you babe.

Day 23: He probably doesn’t love how this picture made it into the 365 but I try to take a picture that documents my day and well Matt pretty much slept for 12 hours.

Day 24: We received a wedding gift that was a handmade quilt. A blessing and absolutely stunning.

Day 25: Wrote a bunch of thank you letters and was overwhelmed by thanksgiving. See recent post for more details.

Day 26: Dinner in for two, not to shabby.

Day 27: My new plant so I will stop nagging Matt for a puppy. I named him Wazowski. Formal name is Michael.


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