Here we go again…365 round 2

The year 2014 was big for me. It marked a year studded with transition and change, adventure and misadventure, and I relish in the memories made that year. That year I finished my term in Key Club, I graduated high school, I hiked across a country, I went commercial fishing for a hitch, I moved to Chicago, I had a fun job I finished my first semester of college… It was a big one for a small town girl.

I took a much needed sabbatical from photography after that season. I loved capturing that season of transition but it also was exhausting. It grew my perspective, my photography skills, and my discipline. It was so satisfying to look back at a year of hard work.

This year is huge too. Welcome to 2016! It’s June and the welcome is overdue but this year we are counting a little differently than traditional. I am doing another 365 that started June 4th, 2016. I want to capture the moments of this brand new season of marriage that I would otherwise forget or neglect to notice if I didn’t have the third eye of my camera guiding me. My favorite thing about my previous 365 project is I have a living document showcasing that year. I can remember what I felt most days and my photography often reflects how I felt. I don’t want to miss this. Mind you I will do my best to avoid a million pictures of Matt, and foodies (though they are included, no worries). This is a more relaxed version of my previous project. I am not as crazy about rules and I am using my DSLR, my GoPro, and iPhone to capture these moments. Not all of them are National Geographic quality. Sometimes it’s about the moment, not the moment captured. There is some deep quote about that in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, look it up. ANYWAYS…Enjoy this adventure. I’m loving it myself and I am honored to share it with you dear reader.

Day 1: Moved into our new home. Matt’s dramatically showcasing our funky fans we have adorning the house. He is a very patient model.

Day 2: Sasha and Chad asked me to take some pictures of them. They hate us and moved away this month.

Day 3: Goodnight desert, this is starry sky photo from our sandy backyard.

Day 4: Man of the house, I make him pose everywhere for me. He hates how his hair is kinda funky this day but that smirk gets me every time.

Day 5: I love how there is beauty in the desert still.

Day 6: I was having a bad day so Matt took me to one of my favorite places, Joshua Tree. Shortly after this picture he got stuck on a rock ledge and proceeded to meow like a cat realizing he was trapped.

Day 7: Speaking of cats, cat-sitting.

Day 8: We went on some off road vehicles with friends from church and saw the largest boulder west of the Mississippi (which checks out, it’s a real thing). Had a blast with friends from church having a going away BBQ for friends moving.

Day 9: Our dining room, furniture courtesy of generous members of our church.

Day 10: We got a $50 washer and a $50 dryer that don’t match but work fine and I love it. Tilt-shift photography.

Day 11: Trying to beat the heat and these fans are my biggest fans as of late.

Day 12: We finally got propane! So we celebrated with stir-fry. Duh.

Day 13: Our bedroom to be. If it wasn’t so dang hot. Oh and a bed, we kinda need a bed.

Day 14: I’m obsessed with any cloud cover we get, no matter how small or rare.

Day 15: Slept on the floor at Matt’s aunt’s in Temecula. Can’t complain, the company of family is always a blessing.

Day 16: I’m still ridiculously pale and still get butterflies when he holds my hand.

Day 17: 3 boxes of belongings today! Love the mug collection we have growing. Tilt-shift also.

Day 18: Matt working on figuring out how to install our new AC unit for our room. Our family blesses us in so many ways. His sunburn is really bad.

Day 19: Acclimating bit by bit, I could walk outside today without feeling like I was dying? Progress is progress.


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