The First Year Project

From January 1st 2014 until January 1st 2015 I took on a 365 challenge. It’s the ultimate photographer’s challenge and I wanted to take it on. It grew me more than just a photographer. It grew me in perspective, in the view finder of my life (that’s cheesy and may be on a T-shirt somewhere but it’s accurate). It was a challenging time but I think projects are important to remind ourselves we can do hard things. My passion for photography has continued to grow and since my first day of photography class and I have big dreams like using my own photography skills to document missions and what’s going on in the world by documenting life. This project concluded with Nels Ure and I co-hosting Artist of the month at Fly By coffee shop in Kodiak and our pictures from the year project hung in the coffee shop for a month.

It was fantastic.

However, herculean feats like that take a lot out of you so I took a “sabbatical” of a sorts from photography though I did attempt to do a second consecutive year until February of 2015. I documented my time in Thailand as a photojournalist, dabbled in portraits over the summer, documented my semester abroad, and documented the refugee crisis in Greece as a photojournalist as well; but other than that I have been pretty laid back.

But I am back and my project idea came to me shortly after getting engaged. I am going to do another 365 starting my wedding day and ending on our one year anniversary. This won’t be grossly PDA pictures, snapshots of my “wifey status meals” (Ew, that was hard to type out), a million portraits of Matt, or a photo walk through the details of our home.

No. The aim of this project is to document this huge year of transition. Moving somewhere vastly different, living a life vastly different, making new traditions, misadventures, adventures, joys, trials: everything. This is a beautiful season and I want to share it’s story in a way that words will fail me and simply cannot do justice. Portraits of new friends, landscapes of our new town, lifestyle portraits of Top Ramen meals and no furniture, driving beyond our small town minds have dreamed of, camping in new places, visits from friends and family: this series will be a unique perspective that I cannot vocally articulate.

Additionally, I will be have Matt take a photo once a week, every Sunday. I want to share my passion for photography with the one I love and though he has patiently and enthusiastically driven me far and wide for photography purposes it is time for him to learn the art himself. I am excited to see his perspective and grow together in this. To achieve this after teaching Matt the fundamentals, I will give him Enrique (my dear camera) and he will shoot throughout the day. By the evening we will go through and pick which one makes it into the set.

I have a fresh toolbox of a fixed fifty, a fantastic laptop, a new tripod, and Photoshop. I am excited to grow in my tools. My last 365 was largely with just the kit lens and “creative” measures for tripods.

Cheers to the new adventure, welcome to the First Year Project, coming to you soon!


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