So Introductions.

In short, I am an over passionate Alaskan (Alaskan in spirit, not currently living in Alaska) who will capitalize on any opportunity to tell you all about my state. I am dysfunctionally extroverted and drink a borderline unhealthy amount of coffee (though I would consider myself “committed” not “addicted”). I can be found talking to the stranger next to me on the airplane, tend to retell the same stories, and my prayer for my life is that God will break my heart by what breaks His. I attended Moody Bible Institute in Chicago studying Ministry to Victims of Sexual Exploitation for my first two years of college. My love and I got married this past May and now I live in California. I am attending Moody Distance Learning online for Ministry Leadership. My husband and I are preparing to work with those being exploited by human trafficking, don’t ask me what that looks like quite yet but I trust Papa God will use us for His glory. Which, about my husband, I am married to my childhood friend, high school sweetheart and best friend. I tend to care too much and carry anxiety which is a bit comical when overall I try to be adventurous and spontaneous. I can’t watch movies with too much conflict because the tension stresses me out, the part in Up when he yells at Doug? Can’t deal. I always found timed writing to be fun (ew what a nerd) and I’m reminding myself that I am a writer, a photographer, a doer. Trying new things, traveling, and doing are my favorites though I am currently learning how to deal without a lot of constants, a lack of sense of place, and being in the waiting place. My constant is Papa God and that’s all I need, I’m reminding and knowing that on the daily. Authors are my friends and as a true nerd girl I had a vending machine bookshelf in my room growing up and a word wall to boot. I’m more type A then I’d ever care to admit and I’m an ENFJ though I’m growing weary of that test (I’m a part of the problem, I find them fascinating, ha!).

Now there’s no rush. We got plenty of time to get to know each other. Thanks for reading friend. Cheers to meeting in the waiting place.


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